About roof inspection: We have over 40 years of experience! (combined)

about roof inspection

About roof inspection with Big Tree Roofing and inspections: We serve all cities in the Central valley and more. Our services include: Roofing, re-roofing, roof estimates, roof repairs, roof inspections. Serving: Stockton, Lodi, Manteca, Modesto, Galt, Elk Grove, Sacramento, Lathrop, Tracy, Mountain House, Livermore, Rio Vista, Ione, Jackson, Lockeford, Sutter Creek, Valley Springs, Linden,  Sonora, Jamestown, and more!

Our roof inspector is one of the most qualified roof inspectors in the area. We can also provide roof certification for qualifying roofs. Roof inspections and certifications are free if we do roofing work or roof repairs to bring it to a certifiable condition (see terms and conditions). We have highly trained roof repairmen, so you know the job will be done right.

about roof inspection

More about roof inspection: Roof inspections are vital when purchasing a home or commercial building. Unless you have a warranty from a builder or roofer, you could run into huge costs for re-roofing or roof repair. Especially with, but not limited to tile roofs. I have seen more major tile roof repair than any other type of residential roofing. Roofing is not usually a cheap service!

So do the smart thing, and get the roof checked out before you get into something you are not prepared to deal with. We can provide a two-year roof certification when required. Again, we will waive the inspection / certification fee when we do the roofing or roof repairs if needed (see terms and conditions)!

About roof inspection – commercial roofs: A commercial property usually has a large , often complicated roof. they are often also covered with mechanical equipment. It can be very expensive to repair, let alone to replace a commercial roof if needed. It is especially vital to get a commercial roof inspected prior to purchasing such a property. Our fee for a commercial inspection will vary from property to property, but we aim to provide a low cost, reliable, quick, detailed and professional roof report. You will know exactly what to expect relating to your commercial roof!

Our roof inspector will tell you first if the roof needs to be replaced, or if there is any life left in the roof. Or, they will provide you with a punch list of roof repairs or roof work. These would need to be performed in order to get the roof in a certifiable or acceptable condition. Our reports include photos to show the issues clearly to help you understand as much as possible.

That’s about all there is to know about roof inspection!

Big Tree Roofing and Inspections! Specializing in California – Central Valley roof inspections at a great price! Inspections for all roof types, residential and commercial roofs! You can trust that our roof inspector will provide an accurate and detailed roof report.

We have worked for local family businesses in this industry for the last 40 years! We have the knowledge and experience necessary to give you the best, most educated opinions and / or service, whatever your roofing needs are.

Roof expert

Hi, my name is Nickolas Olsen.

I have been in the roofing business my whole life. I started out doing roof repairs and small patio roofs on the weekends and evenings as a teenager. After a while, I started doing roof inspections for my parents company, so I learned about inspecting roofs at a young age. Later, I worked for a larger company doing all types of roofing work, residential and commercial, and really learned the ins and outs of the business. After a while there, I became an estimator / inspector for them for several years.

I also acquired a roofing license for the state of Illinois, working there doing roofing and construction from 2007 to 2010. This was so that my wife and kids and I could be close to my wife’s side of the family for a time. After that, we decided to move back to California for good. I went back to work for the same company as before, but ultimately decided to start my own business with my father.

Outside of work I enjoy fishing, camping, playing guitar, home recording, movies, travel and spending time with my family. For you as a customer, I am committed to performing prompt, accurate, honest work, with a focus on customer satisfaction.

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